There are risks associated with going into an icy pond in the middle of winter anywhere in Canada! The temperature of the water and the surrounding environment will be extremely cold. Consult your physician prior to engaging in this event. Individuals who are pregnant, who have poor cardiac functioning, or suffer from seizures or medical challenges should not participate. Minimum age to dip is 18 years old.

What to Do Before Dip Day:

  • • Follow us: Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to receive regular event updates.
  • • Allow emails from info@calgaryicebreaker.com. We will not spam you, but you you will miss important info if you are not getting our emails.
  • • Complete your profile page after registration, tell us why you are dipping. This will be read as your intro by the emcee when you dip. One intro per couple or team.
  • • Share, share, share. Tell your friends what you are doing and ask them to sponsor you. Every dollar raised is critical. We encourage every Dipster to do their best to raise a minimum of $500. After logging in, click on fundraising, the email is already written for you, you just have to input email addresses and hit send.
  • • Plan your costume. Please, keep in mind, this is a family friendly event - MODEST IS HOTTEST, nothing inappropriate. See our past videos for great costume ideas: http://calgaryicebreaker.com/gallery/
  • • Gather a team, challenge a friend or competitor business. Make it fun!


What to Expect on Dip Day:

1. Where to go

2. What to bring

3. What to expect on dip day

4. Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where to Go

1.  Where to Go:

Mahogany Home Owner's Beach Club 29 Masters Park SE, Calgary

1 pm, Saturday, February 22nd 

2. What to Bring

2.  What to Bring:

  • • Costume
  • • ONE large thick towel, bathrobe OR parka that you’ll put on immediately after the dip (and you don’t mind it getting a little wet). You will hand this in at registration. This will be given to you as you get out of the water.
  • • Pledge form with money and cheques collected if you did this manually (make sure donor info is legible).
  • • Warm clothes to put on immediately after the dip.

We cannot stress this enough, wear old running shoes or aqua socks for the dip. No flip flops or anything else that would come off in the water.

3. What to Expect on Dip Day

3. What to Expect on Dip Day:

3.1   Clothes/Changing

You have two options. You must decide what to do after registration.

  1. OPTION #1. Leave your change of clothes in the Clubhouse in the designated changing areas. Leave valuables in the car or with a friend. Only wear basic but warm clothing on top of your costume to walk down to the dip site i.e. jacket, toque and of course the shoes you will wear to dip. At the last minute you can whip off this outer layer and give to a friend. Remember you are standing in line a while waiting to dip. After the dip you will run up to the hot tubs (potentially 150 - 200 metres from dip site), then run to the Clubhouse to change. If you are planning on doing this run, good shoes are essential but do NOT wear shoes into the hot tubs. Don't wear flip flops!
  2. OPTION #2. Carry everything down to the dip site. This option works well if you do NOT plan to run up to the hot tubs after. Change and leave your clothes in the heated mens/ladies tents provided at the dip site. After dipping you run back to the tent and change there. Nice and toasty. Done.

Dress for the outdoors! Plan to wear layers that you can put on quickly after the dip (i.e. a dry parka, hat, gloves, boots, long underwear, fleece, etc.). Stay away from cotton, which does not wick moisture away from your body.

3.2   Registration

  • • Registration OPEN BETWEEN 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM SHARP on February 22 in the Banquet Room in the Clubhouse. REGISTRATION CUT OFF IS 12:30 PM.
  • • If you collected pledges turn this in with any funds raised (not necessary if you did all your fundraising online).
  • • If you weren't able to fundraise please consider making a personal donation.
  • • If you are dipping as a team you must register as a team. Note that only two will actually dip at the same time.
  • • You will be given a dip number as you register. This IS the order in which you’ll dip.
  • • Hand in ONE large towel or bathrobe. This is the item you will be given when you exit the water. It will correspond with your number.
  • • Last minute registration at the event can be done with a $100 donation.

3.3   Hot Tubbin'

There will be three, six-person hot tubs located at the Clubhouse - this is about 200 metres from the dip site. IF you want to hot tub right after your dip, you will need to run/walk to the hot tubs. Good shoes are a must but take them off BEFORE entering the hot tub.Important: Please be courteous in the length of time you spend in the hot tub if there are others waiting to get in. We expect 150 Dipsters and we have THREE hot tubs. Thanks!

3.4 Chill'n

Enjoy our hospitality, take selfies, tag @calgaryicebreaker and mingle while you wait. Use #calgaryicebreaker in all your posts.  Light complimentary snacks will provided. All Dispters must be in the Banquet Room in the Clubhouse at 12:45 PM for final instructions.

3.5   Dippin'

Make a splash and smile! NO DIVING! (The water is potentially about 3 - 5 feet deep.) Friendly divers in dry suits will help you safely and swiftly exit the cold water.
Proceed to heated tents OR hot tubs (see Hot Tub Instructions).
IF the ice is not thick enough for our divers to cut a hole, we will be doing a beach entry, this means you run in and out.

3.6   Eatin' & Celebratin'

Plan to stick around, meet and mingle with your event hosts Old Guys in Action and the SA Foundation staff. Enjoy complimentary hot drinks, light snacks and prizes. Prizes will be awarded for the following. If we are blessed with an abundance of prizes we will award first, second and third in each of these categories. You must be present to claim your prize. If you have a prize to donate please contact us!

  • • Most funds raised
  • • Best costume
  • • Best team
  • • Best couple
  • • Best intro
  • • Best (safe) entry
4. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Under what conditions might the event be cancelled or postponed?
    A: OGIA reserves the right to cancel or postpone the dip due to unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather (cold or warm) affecting the integrity of the ice and safety of participants and volunteers. A final decision will be made 72 hours before planned dip day and will be emailed to Dispters, posted on our website and social media.
  • Q: If the dip is cancelled/postponed, do I get a refund for my registration fees? 
    A: If the dip is postponed due to safety reasons and Dipsters are unable to make the new date we would ask Dipsters to consider donating their registration fees to the charity beneficiary (tax receiptable). If a Dipster is unable to donate their fees a full refund will be issued once a written request is received within two weeks of the cancellation. No refunds will be issued after two weeks from the initial dip day.
  • Q: Will donations be refunded if the dip is cancelled or postponed. 
    A: Refunds for donations will NOT be issued. All net proceeds will be forwarded to the SA Foundation as planned.
  • Q: Will you go ahead with the dip regardless of the temperature and weather conditions?
    A: Yes. Some of us will, regardless. Don’t feel pressured to dip if the weather conditions are outside your personal “comfort” zone. Refunds will not be issued in this case for registration or donations.
  • Q: Will there be medical people on hand?
    A: Yes. Limited but qualified emergency staff will be on hand.
  • Q: Is it cold?
    A: YES!
  • Q: Can children participate?
    A: Not in the dip, (must be 18 and up) but they are welcome to come and cheer you on and witness your courage. We also recommend children do the Distance Dip. See here for great Distance Dip inspiration.
  • Q: Can my business get involved?
    A: Yes! We are looking for corporate sponsorship, prize donations and day of volunteers. Contact us to discuss possibilities.
  • Q: Do I have to fundraise?
    A: We cannot make you fundraise but we reallllly hope you will! This is a fundraiser to help victims recover and rebuild after a life of sexual exploitation. They are doing the hard work, the least we can do is ask our friends for a little support. We have made this really easy to share on social media so please any chance you get share it. Your friends will give because they want to support you!
  • Q: Can I volunteer?
    A: YES! Message us.
  • Q: What if I have more questions?
    A: Call or text Naomi the Dip Director at 403-636-1419  or email: info@calgaryicebreaker.com

See you on dip day!

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By participating in the Calgary Ice Breaker Polar Dip, you are assuming all risks associated with this activity and agree not to hold the SA Foundation liable of any injury caused by your participation. If you are participating in the Virtual Dip, we highly recommend that you have a support person with you at all times.


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