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Why can’t we do the traditional dip?

Like you, we love the Calgary Icebreaker Polar Dip event. It’s a rare combination of exhilaration, camaraderie, and all for a very important cause. The funds raised through this event are critical for the support of women and children exiting human trafficking. As a result, we refuse to let this event come to an end.

Given the uncertainty of what this winter will hold due to Covid-19, and the restrictions already in place for large gatherings, we have decided to make some pre-emptive decisions to ensure that the dip happens. This requires creativity, flexibility and participation on your part: enter the 11 Second Ice Dip!

Will the traditional dip be back next year?

While we hope that this year’s modified dip goes very well, our intent is that next year the dip will run in live and in person at the Mahogany Beach Club.

So… What is the 11 Second Ice Dip?

The 11 second ice dip is a version of the polar dip that you can do in your own home. Participants in the dip are usually in the frigid waters for about 11 seconds. To replicate that, we are asking people to create an ice bath, talk briefly about why you are doing the dip, video yourself doing a PG rated dip in your tub for a timed 11 seconds, and finish by challenging three friends on social media to do the same.

Almost everyone has access to a bathtub, almost everyone is on social media in some way, and if we challenge one another to do the 11 second dip in the tub, we could raise some serious funds, with no physical restrictions of how far this dip could travel!

What’s with the 11’s?

The average person spent 11 seconds in the icy cold water when they did the Calgary Icebreaker Polar Dip. So, to simulate the dip, we want all participants to stay in their icy tubs for 11 seconds! This event will culminate on January 11, 2021, which is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. See where we are going with this?? To keep things consistent, and spreading to other people, you have 11 days to raise all the funds you can in support of SAFoundation. We also encourage your to raise $1100 for SAFoundation. As usual, whoever raises the most funds in that time will win a grand prize! At the end of your 11 days, you will post yourself doing the 11 second dip, and challenge… more people to do the same!

How much is Registration?

Registration is completely free this year. That being said, in lieu of registration, we would encourage you to consider making a donation to SAFoundation through your own fundraising page as soon as you have it set up! Since we are encouraging participants to try to raise $1100 each, this helps get you there sooner!

Why the emphasis on 11 days to raise funds?

Traditionally, our participants raise the majority of their funds during the last week before the polar dip, so we felt that 11 days could be enough. We also needed to set some sort of timeline by which people need to challenge others, in order for the challenge to move on and multiply. However, if you want to continue raising funds after your 11 days is up and you have completed your dip, please feel free! The grand prize will be awarded on January 11, 2021, and all funds raised by you until that time will be considered for the prize of most funds raised.

When do I complete my bathtub dip?

Complete your bathtub dip 11 days after you have started fundraising. When you make your dip video and post it, you will also challenge at least 3 people to fundraise and do the dip after you. Again, if you’d like to continue to fundraise after the 11 days are up, feel free! All funds raised by you over the course of the campaign will be considered when the grand prize for most funds raised is awarded.

Can we sign up as a team again this year?

We love the team aspect of the dip! However,  the logistics of how to make teams feasible online as well as socially distant and safe were not attainable.  We do feel the same camaraderie can be achieved by having you challenge your would-be teammates after you.  We are asking you to put all your team spirit into challenging and supporting friends who do the dip!

Will there be prizes for costumes?

Don’t get us wrong, we always encourage appropriate costumes! We love the fun and creativity they bring to the event. So please, dress up and have fun! The only difference is that there will not be specific prizes for costumes- so you will have to let your friends’ appreciation and comments on social media be the prize you are after! Please remember to keep costumes G rated- this is an event that stands against sexual objectification, so we would like to be consistent in standing against exploitation in all aspects of the fundraiser.

Are there prizes this year?

There will be prizes this year! There will be prizes throughout the campaign, as well as the grand prize for most funds raised. With the exception of the grand prize, in order to qualify to win a prize, you must remember to tag your posts with #11SecondIceDip. We will randomly select a participant each week to receive a prize! Prizes will vary.

Is there a grand prize?

As usual, there is a grand prize for most funds raised. While you have 11 days between the time you have been challenged, and when you actually do the dip, you can continue fundraising until the culmination of the event, which is January 11, 2021. Whoever has raised the most funds by that time will win the grand prize! The grand prize again this year is a VIP family ski weekend at Ski Banff/Sunshine Village! The value of the prize letter below (vip family ski day and bubble lesson) is $1,191, where the following is included: 2 Adult lift tickets, 2 youth/child lift tickets, 4 sets of ski/snowboard rentals with helmets, day reserve parking, and a AM 1/2 day bubble private lesson!!

What do I do if people donate by cash or cheque?

Cheques should be written out to the “SA Foundation” with the participants name written in the memo (so that we can add it to your total fundraised). Please send cheques to SA Foundation c/o Melonie Michaud 4807 Benson Road NW, Calgary, AB, T2L 1R9. With cash donations, please keep track of the the donors contact information so that we can issue a tax receipt (for donations over $20). Please contact us at info@calgaryicebreaker.com to arrange for cash donations to be submitted.

More Questions?

Still have questions? Not a problem. Please feel free to reach out to us by email at info@calgaryicebreaker.com or call Jill at 403-835-3829 or Melonie at 403-875-5111.

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By participating in the Calgary Ice Breaker Polar Dip, you are assuming all risks associated with this activity and agree not to hold the SA Foundation liable of any injury caused by your participation. If you are participating in the Virtual Dip, we highly recommend that you have a support person with you at all times.


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